LADY fleshlight

If you’re new to fleshlight family, and you never used any of fleshlight sex toys – this offer is dedicated especially for you. For a fleshlight newbie – you should think about Fleshlight Lady. I can guarantee you that Fleshlight Original Lady is the perfect sex toy, ideal for your first purchase. This fantastic sex toy features original smooth fleshlight sleeve, that will give you original pleasure. Fleshlight Lady is made from Real Feel SuperSkin – patented Fleshlight material. It was created to give you the ultimate feeling of a true vagina. When you’ll be penetrating this original pink lady fleshlight, prepare to take your sexual sensations to new unexplored levels. Keeping your eyes closed, you won’t feel the difference comparing Fleshlight Original Lady with a real vagina. If you got lucky you will get a free tube of 4 oz ID Pleasure. This lube will add bonus pleasure to your stimulation.

Pink lady Fleshlight

original lady fleshlight

Fleshlight Lady is not only sold in one edition – it has various versions. The most popular Fleshlight Lady is STU. STU has got Lady entry, with revolutionary insert – Stamina Training Unit – with enlarged bumps to inrease sensation. Fleshlight Lady STU was created to make a gym from everyday masturbation. STU will help you to last longer with woman in bed. Another Fleshlight Lady version is Ice. Ice Lady Fleshlight features very tight canal and you can experience penetration as you have never tried before. It is made form Ice (clear) gel that is transparent and you see everything during masturbation. Clear gel is the same Real Feel SuperSkin, but without any color, what gives an unique transparency.

original lady fleshlight

Speed bump Fleshlight

Have you heard about Speed Bump Fleshlight? It is a fantastic sex toy with very popular fleshlight sleeve called Speed Bump. Speed Bump Fleshlight has got the multitude of incredibly soft messaging beads that lay down when you go inside through the very tight canal of the fleshlight. This is an experience that every man must try it, an unique sensation that can’t be compared with anything else. Everyone must experience Speed Bump Fleshlight at some point in his life. Speed Bump Fleshlight was a sex toy that give the start for famous Stamina Training Unit, sleeve used there are the enlarged version of a speed bump. Take in charge your life and get yourself the Speed Bump Fleshlight.

Speed Bump Fleshlight